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DECK - one or more boards or panels comprising the top or bottom surface of the pallet

DECK MAT - assembly of deckboards and stringerboards, forming the deck of a block pallet

DECKBOARD - element or component of a pallet deck, oriented perpendicular to the stringer or stringerboard

DECKBOARD SPACING - distance between adjacent deckboards

DECKBOARD SPAN - distance between deckboard supports (stringers, stringerboards or blocks)

DEFLECTION - the amount of deformation or bending in a pallet or pallet component under load

DIMENSIONS - see pallet dimensions

DOUBLE-FACE PALLET - a pallet with top and bottom decks

DOUBLE-WING PALLET - a pallet with top and bottom deckboards extending beyond the edges of the stringers or stringerboards

DRIVE SCREW NAIL - helically (continuous spiral) threaded pallet nail

ECONOMIC LIFE - output from PDS program which identifies the number of trips the pallet will make, provided it is properly repaired, which maximizes a return on investment

EXCHANGE PALLET - a pallet intended for use among a designated group of shippers and receivers where ownership of the pallet is transferred with the ownership of the unit load; common pool pallet

EXPENDABLE PALLET - a pallet intended of a series of handlings during a single trip from shipper to receiver; it is then disposed; see shipping pallet

FASTNER - a mechanical devise for joining pallet components such as nails, staples, bolts or screws

FASTNER SHEAR INDEX - relative measure of shear resistance of the pallet fastner

FLUSH PALLET - a pallet with deckboards flush with the stringers, stringerboards or blocks along the sides of the pallet

FORK ENTRY - opening between decks, beneath the top deck or beneath the stringer notch to admit forks

FOUR-WAY BLOCK PALLET - a pallet with openings at both pallet ends and along pallet sides sufficient to admit hand-pallet jacks; full four-way entry pallet

FREE SPAN - the distance between supports in a warehouse rack


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