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HAND (WHEEL) JACK OPENING - space provided in the bottom deck to allow pallet jack wheels to bear on the floor

HANDLING - a single pick-up, movement and set-down of a loaded or empty pallet

HARDENED-STEEL NAIL - heat-treated and tempered steel pallet nail with a MIBANT angle between 8 and 28 degrees

HARDWOOD - wood from broad-leaved species of trees (not necessarily hard or dense)

HELICAL NAIL-HELICALLY - (continuous spiral) threaded pallet nail, see also drive screw nail

INNER DECKBOARD - any deckboard located between the end deckboards

JOINT - intersection and connection of components, Often identified by location within the pallet as the end joint, center joint and corner joint

LENGTH - refers to the stringer or stringerboard (in block pallets) length; also refers to the first dimension given to describe a pallet, i.e. 48" x 40" where 48"is the pallet stringer/stringerboard length

LIFE TO FIRST REPAIR - output from PDS program which is equivalent to the number of trips the pallet will last before needing repair

LINE LOAD - the weight of a unit load concentrated along a narrow area across the full length or width of the pallet

LOAD BEARING SURFACE - actual area of material in contact with and supporting a unit load


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