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TAKE-IT-OR-LEAVE-IT PALLET - a pallet fitted with fixed cleats on the top deckboards to permit fork truck tines to pass beneath the unit load and remove it from the pallet

TOP CAP - panel to be placed on top of a unit load to allow for tight strapping without damaging the unit load

TOP-DECK OF THE PALLET - the assembly of deckboards comprising the upper load-carrying surface of the pallet

TRIP - consists of four to six handlings of a pallet

TWO-WAY ENTRY PALLET - a pallet with unnotched solid stringers allowing entry only from the ends

UNIT LOAD - assembly of goods on a pallet for handling, moving, storing and stacking as a single entity

WAREHOUSE PALLET - a double-face multiple trip returnable pallet intended for general warehouse use

WING - overhang of deckboard end from outside edge of stringer or stringerboard


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